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- Hethir Rodriguez C.H., C.M.T. Is it possible that the foods you eat are actually affecting your fertility and inhibiting your chances of getting pregnant? The answer is a resounding, “Yes,” according to dozens of research groups worldwide who have been studying the effects of Genetically Modified Organisms found in many of today’s most common […]

A Balan...

A Balanced System to a Healthy Life

(The following was a repost from Acura Acupuncture Clinc blog (Wed, April 15, 2015)) By Heather Maya Suzuki, Acupuncturist, Acura Acupuncture Clinic Sometimes it seems that any and all emotional unbalances women may have can be blamed on our hormones. If we have a bad day there is always someone who accuses us of having PMS. If we […]

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