Trying to Conceive: Connect with the infertility community in Japan


Taiken Jo

Welcome — I’m Taiken Jo, the director of ACURA Acupuncture Clinic in Tokyo. My area of expertise is in men & women”s reproductive wellness. Many of my patients first knock on my door when they find conceiving a baby has become harder than expected. In those cases, acupuncture can be complementary to Western fertility treatment protocols or as an alternative for people seeking less-invasive forms of help. In addition, over the years, many people have told me there are no English support groups for people Trying To Conceive in Tokyo. To date, I still have not seen any groups here that reach out to this community, so I’ve decided, with the support of patients and friends, to launch just such a group — TTC Tokyo.

I hope this group can be a place to gather and support each other, where people share just how hard trying for a baby can really be at times. I also hope that good relationships, some fun, mutual support and learning can be gained from the meetings.

TTC Tokyo is a non-profit infertility-support group. Attendance is free. Meetings will be peer-led by moderators.I hope to be present at most of the meetings, but my hope in the very near future is that there will be volunteers who would be interested in moderating this group.

All the best to your fertility journey!

Taiken Jo
Founder of TTC Tokyo
Director, ACURA Center for Reproductive Wellness

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